the martians are here

Ever had a moment of insanity like hey i can write, why not make a weekly podcast that’s a story. How hard can that be?

Well I had one too, nice to know we have something in common. Clocking in at 140,000 words by the time its all wrapped up and over 22 hours of audio and 34 episodes, would I do it again? Hell yeah! Lack of sleep – tis to laugh, no life – never had one in the first place. It’s been a ride and we do it all again next year for Rose of Mars.

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Cities have disappeared all over the world and in the blink of an eye humanity is pushed to the bring of extinction. In among the resulting chaos five strangers set out separately on their own personal journey to uncover what is going on. If they survive long enough. The journey starts in Sydney Australia, little by little Mickey, Jones, Jim, Rose and Sarah unravel the clues of the past as they make their way to Canada and Project Eden, the last hope for survival.

So please join them as they make their journey through 34 chapters and countless situations that will challenge not just their skills to survive but the very concept of what it is to be human…

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