rose of mars

The follow up to The Martians Are Here, coming mid 2011.

Set 400 years on from the events of TMAH, the world is a very different place. Humanity is holding on by it’s fingernails, blasted back to a time before technology. Still while life is hard, people get by and slowly some of the old ways are being uncovered.

That all changes when two scavengers uncover a mysterious red skinned girl in hidden paradise who has lost her memories. Befriended by David, son of a warlord she is bought back to health and becomes a valued part of the community. Then come the pillars. Large blocks of stone that appear out of nowhere. No-one can touch them and no-one who spends any time near them returns. Monsters are rumoured to lurk by them and where ever they appear, soldiers come brandishing ancient weapons of death, caring little for who they aim at.

These are dark times and bilge, bede, marchant, david and ruth need a miracle to keep their village safe.

That miracle has a name… Rose.

400 years on, many of the TMAH characters carry on, including Sarah, Rose, Nemo, Jim, Mickey, Jones and the evil Sir Daniel…

The battle might be over but the war is just beginning.

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