Coming to a ipod near you early 2011. Eyo.

Question – Why aren’t there any science fiction ‘fairy tales’.
Answer – No Idea, let’s write one and find out?

Eyo is an ordinary girl, so ordinary in fact that extraordinary things happen to her in order to make up for it. What’s more eyo is the stuff of legend… no really.

Two children and their father are making their way to Mangala the homeworld of the most vile creatures in existance to rescue their mother because… well she is currently there digging through ancient ruins and risking life and well life in order to find eyo.

Why? Because once upon a time someone wrote a fairy tale called “eyo” to help young children overcome their fear of these creatures but she doesn’t believe it is all made up.

There are seven books in all that tell the story of eyo, each giving clues about the past and her location. Now the whole universe is under threat, this “mythical” ordinary girl might just be the key to saving creation.

If she exists. If she is still alive. If she can be found. If even one word of the books of eyo is true.

That’s a lot of ifs…

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