We have only done one musical on Highway and certainly not devoted an episode to a song but after 243 episodes – why not.

There is a specific reason for Radioactive to make the cut and it comes down to something else we haven’t really talked much about despite it being one of my personal favorites – puppets.  There is something irresistible about the idea of Lou Diamond Phillips being taken down by stuffed toys.

Over recent times I have been going through an audio course on science fiction, it’s history, it’s phases and development.  Not unsurprisingly feminism was given a chapter and in a way the heroine of this piece embodies the ways in which women have been relegated to the background – silent, a little angry, willing to kick tail and walk away knowing that men just won’t acknowledge her even in defeat.

Then again she walks away with the cash and the knowledge that today she conquered.


Why are there not more music videos with puppets?

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The "sister" podcast to Highway to Mars, now part of HWTM. The Heroine Cast covers women as characters and industry luminaries and the way they have contributed to science fiction.

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