Okay, the Avengers is popcorn transhumanism but it is hella fun.

While the superhero genre can’t be taken as serious transhumanism because lets face it, nobody will become the hulk anytime soon, it does open up a huge discussion on what sort of form we want to take.  One only needs to attend a comic convention to see how many people take superheroes pretty seriously, doing everything they can to replicate characters in comics.

This is to me one of the least thought through yet I think potentially appealing parts of transhumanism.  Identity has become the “thing” of the 21st century.  While gender identity has become the go-to it’s just the latest in a long list of issues around identity.  The fact is that many are now looking to go past their physical identity.

What if transhumanism enabled them to do so?

What if you could become captain america through transhumanism.  What if you could become squirrel-girl?  What if you could become a pokemon?

Don’t tell me that people wouldn’t take up that option.

The comics genres have opened a door, not just in terms of characters and storytelling, they have given us something to aspire to in terms of new shapes and forms.  The powers may not be possible but there is no reason to think that transhumanism couldn’t deliver the form.

After all in the 21st century, image is everything.


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