Ghost in the Shell is a very influential piece, having provided many pieces of motivation for the Matrix.  In truth we should have gotten to this movie before now but better late than ever.  Ghost in the Shell covers off on many of the themes we have discussed.  It goes the next step though to normalise that idea that humans will go beyond their current limitations, that they will accept cybernetic enhancement and that will even invoke new questions on what it is to be human.

I am glad that we are coming to the end of Transhumanism as it’s been a long journey but equally I am glad that the last movie confirmed at least in my mind that biology alone is not going to take us to where we want to go.

Am I keen to try out transhumanism?  Can’t say that I am but only because the technology is still new.  If it were at the same point as ghost in the shell, it would be a very different story.


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