1984 is pretty much the top of the list when it comes to Politics and Science Fiction.  More than any other dystopian society thought of, 1984 demonstrates the evils of totalitarian societies.

However bad the western world seems and there are problems with the ways in which institutions such as Universities have implemented policy unchallenged, we are a long way from 1984.  Which means I am mistrustful when people make the comparison.

I am equally mistrustful of comparisons of Trump to Hitler.

I get it, some places like Canada have undertaken social experiments in some of the modern social thinking and certainly has created working environments and school environments that contrary to intention are less tolerant than they proclaim to be.  That is still a long way from the world of 1984.

Can we get to 1984?  Possibly, but not without some big things going wrong enabling a totalitarian regime to rise.  In places like Canada with a minimalist military to start with there is a long road to true thought police.

I get it, people like to highlight the worst case scenario but I think in doing so they undermine their core argument.  If something is bad, let it be judged on it’s merits.  You don’t need to harken to some Orwellian society to make that point.

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