Limitless reads like one of those dodgy clickbait adds on the internet – but it’s actually a lot smarter than that.  I like Bradley Cooper as an actor and I think that the Cooper – Deniro combination is one of my favourites in modern cinema.

Limitless blends the kind of sci-fi that John Wyndham was so good at ( Trouble with Lichen) with a couple of talented dramatic actors.  I think it could have gone further in building the conflict between the two but that is just a personal aesthetic choice.  At it’s core though it does a very good job of telling the good and the bad of a drug that has enormous personal upside with a fatal downside.

This is the key to transhumanism that I think needs to be understood.  The path to a “better” us is going to be made over the bodies of those that willingly risk the consequences and the odds on the chance that they will beat them.

There has been and always will be drug cheats in sport for example.  There will always be those that will take a chance for an edge and we need them to.  In reality, there is no other way that we will find out what works or not.  Is this a good thing?  That depends on your morals.  Can we change the need to go through this step?  No.

This is the softer form of transhumanism, it’s the nice enhancement without changing too much.  In the next few weeks we will leave this softer side into increasingly harder territory as we deal with increasing levels of technological and genetic manipulation.

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