We enter the genetics part of Transhumanism with a movie that explores the moral concerns around genetic technologies and how they might be used to favour the elite.  While it’s a shorter movie, it covers the subject really well and is very clear in how it views the issues around genetic editing.

We can make a better human being, that doesn’t mean it will end well.  And remember, ordinary people can surprise and surpass our expectations…  Science doesn’t get everything right.

As a message, I am mostly okay with that.  It fits well with my own personal concerns around creating Man 2.0.

This is what science fiction does best, it offers up a pond to play in and brings the future to us in the here and now to explore our own morality and feelings about such changes.  I can for example imagine a time when there is the genetic version of “Tinder” that matches based on a genetic profile…  COR THERE GOES A GOOD LOOKING DNA!

I think in general though such concerns are less valid now, there is so much concern about genetics and sex now, it seems unthinkable that such a corporate driven approach would happen.  Then again, who knows what a Donald Trump America might look like.

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