It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and the plan to get the next heroine cast out hasn’t eventuated, even if we have recorded a lot of podcasts in the interim.

Never fear, we still have a number of episodes in the archives and here is one of my favourite movies – Labyrinth.

Lets face it every girl needs a cautionary tale of how to screw over that creepy tight pant pedo rapy stalker in their lives and Sarah manages it and then some.

So, is the Goblin King a stand in for her father, or is she just a little too noticeable to older guys.  While we all know that Bowie is hot, maybe this isn’t the right movie to show it off.

Still, isn’t every fairytale in it’s heart a story of (sometimes) near escape from rapy men who just want to have their way with young girls?

Just to be clear the movie also has a fantastic sound track and amazing puppets.  There is more to this than David Bowies codpiece.  Still, it does seem to occupy a lot of the screen.

I love labyrinth for the same reason I like the Dark Crystal and the Storyteller.  Henson was willing to make fiction that was unsafe for children that in exploring darker themes would teach them more about the world.

Is that the way we do it now?  So no.

Will I show this to my grandkids?  I am thinking I will let them get to at least 3 before they see it.  They really should know the words to the songs long before the meaning.

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