Transcendence brings to an end the main part of the Transhumanism section, though we have a good number of episodes to go, they will be exploring specific topics.

Transcendence brings to light all of the issues that come both with Transhumanism and the Singularity.  Will we trust someone more powerful than us?  Will the promise of things being better overcome our own internal fears?

Transcendence explores this topic in depth very intelligently without answering the question.  It points out (rightly) that different does not equal enemy.  It also points out that humans in their need to control their world may well end up destroying it to protect it if the need arises.  These are all topics we have explored across the set of movies but not in one complete package.  In essence, this movie gets to the heart of the matter, even if the performances could be off-putting for some.

In the end there are no simple answers.  Every progress has it’s risks and even if we create new life or upload ourselves into the cloud, is that real?  Do we need to be flesh and blood to be convinced?

This movie is much better than it’s box office performance.  It does have it’s problems in the first third but in the end this does what science fiction does at it’s best.  It asks all the right questions, it leaves us uncomfortable in the knowledge that we have to supply our own answers.

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