In the first of our new series on how science fiction influences history we look at Star Trek.

Star Trek is “THE” science fiction series.  No other series has been as influential in the real world nor has any other series taken as much effort to explore an array of complex real world issues through the lens of a fictional universe.  Star Trek is the only major series to go beyond a fandom of fantasy to influencing whole disciplines of science.

While we may “PINE” for the TOS series, the reality is that a lot more of the heavy lifting, the exploration of what we might become came in the later series TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

If you like TOS gave us the why, TNG the how.

Even though the new series seeks to chart it’s own path in a post “Roddenberry” vision even it adheres to one basic concept.  In the future we are defined not by our differences but our ability to see past them.

In a year of Brexit and the US election, I feel we have never more needed the wisdom of Star Trek.

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