Something different for Highway to Mars an interview.  Nick Page is the YouTuber responsible for the fantastic animated sequences that bring the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio series to life.  While Nicks work is essentially fan videos which with the whole Axanar debate have become somewhat controversial – the thing is they are good.

Nick brings a bleak colour palette to the universe which fits many of the segments he’s chosen to animate.  His rendition of Marvin as a scrawny somewhat nerdy creature is awesome.  HWTM is an unabashed Nick Page fan.

One of the interesting things with many science-fiction properties now is that technology is enabling fans to get in on the act when it comes to content creation.  There is a concern that professional operations will make money off of IP that they didn’t create, Axanar top of the list.

I think that studios would be better off providing a community license and taking a cut of the profits.  Sure I get that CBS/Paramount want to control their brand but how is any fan production going to do more damage than they do to themselves.

It’s a bit like the war on drugs.  Spending a shit tonne of money to stop the trade, in the end, causes more damage than it aims to prevent.  The era of monolithic property control and fixed copyright is done.

Whoever recognises that and finds a sensible way to share in the fun will be the big winner.

As for Axanar, the real issue with CBS/Paramount is a lack of decent content driving fans to fill in the void.  They have themselves to blame and the fan films to thank for keeping the torch burning.

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