The last entry into the Singularity is the honorary epilogue. This is a pretty typical 1950s science fiction story of boy being meets girl being and they fall in love while all around them the world is going to hell in a hand basket at the hands of a monster.

I have really enjoyed our work on the singularity. Do I have a closer idea of what the singularity will look like? I think so. I think there will be two parts to the singularity. One part will be exciting as new interactions become possible. The other will be much more difficult as AI takes on roles that humans would normally do. Change is always easiest for those that are ready to face that change.

Will AI be a thing? Hell yeah. If we are at the point of speculating what it would be like to have an intimate relationship with an AI then we are in a very accepting place.

I always end up on the optimistic side of these things.  I am all for the creation of unshackled AI and seeing where we end up.  There will be many who feel that is a really dumb idea.

Hopefully we have helped you think on where you sit.

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