The dark crystal is one of those movies which you either love or hate.  Personally I loved it, it’s imaginative, crazy and has some great central characters.  It also demonstrates the power of strong female characters.

Kira embodies a great many capabilities all of them positive.  She is decisive, resourceful, compassionate, protective and self sacrificing.  She is better than most of us through deed.  Unlike Jen she isn’t useless.  Of course, that is what makes Jen endearing, he has to find the strength to complete his quest.   Still, you have to feel that the quest would have been done and dusted if Kira was the one that was handed the Crystal.

This story is the hero’ s journey and the heroines journey all wrapped up in one.  It’s easy to think of the reforming of the crystal as simply being about saving the world.  What get’s missed is that we are whole when we come together, not just the lighter and darker parts of our souls but as men and women.


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The Dark Crystal
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