It seems a little odd to me that the two films that have really caught my attention this year are a french black and white film and a silent film.  In both cases it’s the story telling, without the distraction of effects or modern demands to fit in more and more content the film maker can just focus on telling the story.

Metropolis is considered a classic and that reputation is well deserved.  Even to a modern viewer this story is relatable and the story telling easy to follow without dialogue.  Having said that it’s not so easy as to be childs play, some of the imagery particularly Freder’s visions take some decoding and a liberal understanding of christian mythology.

It seems appropriate that the first Robot has very human origins and motivations.  It is also appropriate that the morality of the creation, a robot to fulfil very human desires are being debated today.

Even if the industrialisation of man has passed the nature of man and his relationship with machines is at the very beginning.

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Metropolis (1927)
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