The martian is travelling and fish whispering so here is an episode we recorded earlier in the year, will release the cocoon episode next week.

I did have a look at this previously under special muffins of the apocalypse but seeing as there is a second instalment I thought it merited a better look.

Have you ever regretted a decision like that?  The second movie deviates from the book but not in useful way.  I did wonder if they would follow the second book and it feels as though they are pretty desperate to bring it back to a Hunger Games style revolution.

This was disappointing, not least because they didn’t trust the source material to deliver a story that would be compelling, that is it was a financial risk.  Either that or they didn’t trust in their own ability to make the source material work.

The one interesting idea in the second story (the way the zombies grow into some larger organism) may well be disposed of and never thought of again.  Either way what is at least an interesting diversion on the Special Muffins of the Apocalypse theme in the books just becomes a generic hero’s journey.

I will probably watch the last entry if I get the chance but if this ends how it’s setup, I won’t be inspired by it.

My main issue with Special Muffins of the Apocalypse is it takes the “Won’t somebody think of the children” to the extreme of making adults the problem that has to be solved.  Code – Adults are evil arseholes who want to control you.

Yes growing up is challenging but I don’t see how creating a divide where adults are the obstacle to “the prize” (being you) is helpful but it is a reflection and in some ways reaction to what we see going on.

Having said that as with every hero’s journey the real work comes with the victory.

In reality this narrative is a trap, one where the younger generation want to call the shots at the expense of more experienced elders.  There should be no surprise that being in power is a lot harder than being the protester.

As always, I welcome our Techgen and Millenial overlords.  Go hard, it will be interesting to see if you truly manage to make the world better.

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