Chloe Grace Moretz has been in a heap of movies since Kick Ass and built up a pretty big profile.  While she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, movies such as Hick prove she has some serious acting ability.

I loved her in Kick Ass and in many ways she is the best thing about Kick Ass 2 as she struggles to cope with being the person her father made her into vs being a teenage girl.

The contrast between Red Mist, now the Mother Fucker and Hit Girl is hard to ignore.  Both are trying to live up to obsessive fathers, both trying to find their way in the world.

The difference is that while the Mother Fucker is self destructive, Hit Girl is genuinely in her heart a hero and as much as Kick Ass is heart of this movie, it’s clear that without Hit Girl, he’s just another overactive cosplayer.

With all the emphasis these days on girl power, it’s nice to see a girl that has the power and uses is sparingly and wisely.

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