We drift a little off the conventional path with a black and white subtitled piece.  I really enjoyed this piece not least because the character development is in general really good.  This highlights my general disconnect with modern SF and Comic story telling, they stuff in so much what there is rarely time for more than a cursory glance at why.  Where Maggie uses the “time stretch” of the Zombie process to have a more intimate look at the effect on loved ones, this takes a tragic mistake and examines the impact on those affected.  The “SF” element comes in the fact that facial transplants while once an idea of “horror” are now relevant.  Retrospectively this is genuine SF, even if that wasn’t the intent.

One of the more important aspects of SF is not simply to imagine new technologies but it’s impact on our society or us as individuals.  While this doesn’t quite go so far as to look at the “after” it does do a pretty good job of looking at both the “horrific” and human elements of it’s subject.  The reality is while a modern medical miracle, I cannot be the only one that finds the concept hard to grasp or stomach.

Yes, it’s kind of a mad doctor story, but I think what makes it different is by narrowing down the telling to a very personal story we get to examine how we ourselves react rather than “be educated”

In the end, a human reaction on the part of the viewer is all a storyteller can really hope for.

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