Sharks have a bit of a reputation for attacking humans and Jaws is the apex predator of Shark movies.  That said it leaves a fair bit to be desired in ascribing dark motivations to the shark and I have no doubt it has played a role in our feeling about the species.

Not that this podcast is there to proclaim the shark innocent but rather look at the fish species from around the world that are worthy of a decent horror film.

From the “Ball Ripping” Pacu to the Piranha, we cover a good selection of the scary species out there.

Let me know what you think – there are plenty more species out there @martiansarehere.

During the podcast I mention Tiger Sharks and the mad hueys – here is the video, notice that the shark goes at the point where the cage hits the water despite having the human dead in the water.  As with all animals, Sharks are driven by specific instincts.

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