I didn’t watch this when it came out.  The reviews were largely negative and friends told me it was awful.  I had enjoyed children of earth, so I really didn’t want to spoil that if it was so bad.  Serves me right.

So on reflection, having watched it, the main arguments were really over aesthetics and plot points not over the substance of the show itself.  Now enough water has flowed under the bridge that I was curious enough not to get caught up in the mass hysteria.

This is the rub.  Torchwood Miracle Day is what science fiction set out to do.  It takes a concept, provides multiple view points and allows the viewer to make up their own mind on where they stand.  The bad characters are given some redeeming qualities, the good characters have flaws.  Everybody is struggling to deal with “The Miracle”.

This is the modern version of “Trouble with Lichen” by John Wyndham and to me it is modern, relevant and overall well executed science fiction.  This is an important conversation, yes a conversation.  It’s engaging with us on a subject that is relevant in our time and we may well face.  What do we do if all of sudden human life is extended significantly?  Anyone who doesn’t think that is an issue that would have massive social, economic and political ramifications are kidding themselves.  If people live even fifty years longer, that’s going to change the way things work.

Instead of engaging with the idea, we get rants on how it too americanised, or the miracle isn’t ‘consistent’ or the blessing is a giant vagina.  Quality criticism that.

The fact that it gives so much air time to many parts of this issue is to it’s credit.  It isn’t forced along in it’s pacing just to serve the sugar addiction that is modern storytelling.

If the aesthetics offend you, that’s fine.  I won’t defend RTD because he doesn’t need it.  It’s just a shame that a storyteller with his skills is not well regarded in fandom.

This is not shit as I have been told.  This just requires a bit more brain engagement.

Maybe that’s the point.  TV is no longer meant to engage us, it’s meant to entertain.  Or maybe Torchwood isn’t the right platform to do it.

I don’t care really.  I will take intelligent thoughtful TV wherever I can get it.

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