NO THIS ISN’T THE SOUTH KOREAN VERSION.  So for a challenge I decided to watch The Host, the Stephanie Myers teenage Sci-Fi/Romance.  First this wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, in fact in many ways I enjoyed it.  Second, it’s pretty clear she can write, not that she needs me to tell her that.  There is a place for Romance and Sci-Fi convergence, I am not sure this is strong enough on the Romance to achieve it but I think that it’s a format that could work and god knows there is enough fan romance fiction out there to suggest fans want it.  Having said that once you leave the Teen Romance side of things, Romance is a really really hard genre to master.  This is not a bad attempt at bridging the genres, it show’s there is life there and with just a bit stronger romance element, this movie could have gone ballistic.

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The Host
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