As we kick back into Highway to Mars we are going to be covering a lot of beginnings and endings and how things change. One that is likely to cause a lot of discussion in the coming months is the transition between Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. The apocalypse joins me to talk about this transition through the context of one mildly spoilerific scene in the first episode. Sorry no big reveals, this is mostly about how a more classic doctor is likely to work in the modern world especially for a younger audience.

Highway To Mars

Welcome to Martian Central, please take a ticket, the sheep ray will be with you shortly. Highway to Mars was created by Author Stefan Sawynok as an excuse to ramble his way through Science Fiction that he liked and to shine a light on things such as books that don't get covered all that often in fandom. Mostly covers British and American sci-fi but occasionally steps out to cover pieces from around the world. There is so much Sci-fi out there and so little time. :)

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  • Talking about the physicality of young and old Doctors, it occurred to me that one of the more physical classic Doctors was Jon Pertwee (with his somewhat unconvincing Venusian karate), no spring chicken 🙂