Robocop 2014 is a bomb. All the sales figures point to a rolled gold disaster and there are any number of pundits willing to sign it’s death warrant. Yet the same people who are happy to shoot it down demand original products. So lets get down to “original”. Do we complain that the space shuttle a remake of Apollo 13? No. Do we complain that Flash Drives are a remake of CDs? No. The reason is simple, we don’t have the same emotional attraction to the original. We have funny ideas of what constitutes creativity.

We tend to think of creativity as a unique spontaneous idea that forms in isolation of the universe and is born in someones brain, thus causing them to shout “EUREKA”. The reality is every creative idea, design, piece is influenced by things that have come before, problems solved inadequately, things that bug us. As it turns out Fandom, with it’s shoot to kill, rage quit mentality is the enemy of creativity. The reason why marvel has made a shit ton of money shipping it’s 100 times recycled heros onto film is because they have a familiarity and on screen they are much more accessible than in the teenage boy comic form. Aren’t they just remakes? Yet who would deny that Avengers was really good, really creative. Fandom loves creativity when they get what they want but like a two a year old will scream blue murder if creators don’t give them what they want. It’s not about creativity at all, it’s all about filling desires.

Do you know who loves fulfilling desires? Marketing Departments. Not creative people.

Creative people are about exploring concepts, ideas and bringing them to life. They shouldn’t do so worrying about what people will think.

As a creative person I find myself moving further and further away from fandom in my tastes, simply because I want to own my experiences, form my own opinions and (shhhhh) file away the good ideas and concepts, explored or unexplored for later working out on the page.

In that way I am glad nobody is going to Robocop 2014. I can enjoy it, realise what the creators are doing (not always successfully) and enjoy the fact that this piece makes me think without giving me the answers.

Next time you see a “remake” or “Sequel” and complain why isn’t there any original material nowadays you won’t be finding sympathy here. Chances are you aren’t looking for “original” you are probably wanting more of what you “like”. Which by the way is totally okay but they are not the same thing. Rage quitting because a creative does something “wrong” is not in any way being supportive of creative people.

Go look for original material, it’s there, open your mind and be brave enough to try new things and you might just discover that creativity pops up in unusual places.

Just don’t go to Robocop. I want to keep that one for myself.

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