Almost Human is a futuristic cop show good on the entertainment but doesn’t add much to our understanding of it’s subject matter – robots. Robots in the Almost Human world come in two forms, the ken doll and the human lite. The ken dolls are dumb and disposable, the human lites like data, just want to be like us. The crazy part is the ken dolls are seen as the upgrade.

Once you get past the fact that it essentially promotes robots as slaves (note the central robot is black) the relationship between Dorian (the robot) and Kennex (the human) is charming and fun. Kennex is an arse and Dorian points it out to him all the time. What makes it work is the fact that Dorian is very likeable and you quickly jump on his team over the humans. There are not many likeable humans to be found.

As a cop show it’s pretty weak but hey the kennex/dorian odd couple seems to make up for it.

I am a fan, I love it in spite of the things that grate with me. It’s no Tommorrow People or Fringe but it is fun in a way Agents of Shield isn’t.

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