Speaker for the Dead is the best book I have read all year bar none. If there was a book that I could say encloses all that is Science Fiction and Sci-Fi in one book this is it, or probably more accurately the Enders Game/Speaker for the Dead duo is it. Between the two, man that’s some ride. Unlike Enders game there is no big twist, it sets up a situation then patiently through Ender Wiggin pulls it apart until we the reader understands it as well as he does. Along the way we are asked some uncomfortable questions of ourselves, how do we see ourselves, how do we see others and how do we see truth. It will be a good while before I read a book that tops it.

Regardless of what you think of the Author, Orson Scott Card can tell a heck of a tale.

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Speaker for the Dead
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I am French, just started on my 4th decade and I am a teacher married to a British guy.

I love my job even though I do complain about it regularly (who doesn’t?). Why do I love my job? I think it is because I like working with kids, I like seeing their face when they realise they understand something new, I like the way I have to keep myself “updated” on all new stuff so I can keep up with them and even keep slightly ahead of them, be it with technology, music, films etc. I started teaching when I was 25 and I think I stopped growing old a couple of years later… well… I am getting older physically (obviously ) but in my mind I am still 27 ish…

Apart from teaching I do a lot of role playing games with a great group of friends. I love watching films and TV shows old and new.

I became a big fan of Firefly, discovering in the process the world of fandom and am currently involved in doing a podcast related to this fantastic tv show. Find more about it at sendingawave.wordpress.com

I have "met" Stefan a little more than a year ago now and was invited to take part in Highway to Mars a few times now... I guess Stefan liked what I had to say as he has now entrusted me with taking over a few episodes for him... I hope you will like them too!

Talking of podcast, I am also doing a school podcast with a few of my students, guiding them, teaching them to use different programs etc.

I love travelling and would do a lot more of it if we could afford it.

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  • This book would have been much more enjoyable to read without the impossible Portuguese names. Outside of that, I thought the plot tied up real well and was very intensely concluded.