Books vs Movies is always hard, especially when the book is one of the most celebrated books in all of science fiction. Hard as I try, I can’t avoid comparing the two. However that aside the reality is the movie is good, for the most part it maintains the core of the story and makes about as good an account as could be done in two hours. On the other hand, great it is not. Where movies such as lord of the rings dared to stretch out the length of the movie in order that the story be told to the satisfaction of the makers (at no small risk) Enders game like so many book adaptions is cut to length and in the process some things are lost. Were this lord of the rings length, chances are this could have been a great film. Instead, it’s simply a good film that is well worth the watch. At some point though I do hope that someone in the SF movie universe will have the bravery to take the risk and do a story like this some serious justice.

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Welcome to Martian Central, please take a ticket, the sheep ray will be with you shortly. Highway to Mars was created by Author Stefan Sawynok as an excuse to ramble his way through Science Fiction that he liked and to shine a light on things such as books that don't get covered all that often in fandom. Mostly covers British and American sci-fi but occasionally steps out to cover pieces from around the world. There is so much Sci-fi out there and so little time. :)

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