Carrie is one of the iconic “horror” movies.

I am not sure I see it as a horror, definitely a tragedy and definitely sci-fi but I feel that the movie says a lot more about schools and the pack mentality of teens than offering up thrills and chills. Having three teens who have in their own ways experienced some of what Carrie experiences and I can only say that having a mom like that to boot it’s amazing she isn’t a psycho much earlier in life.

That said the modern version has a couple of issues.

The movie falls to the temptation of turning Carrie’s telekinetic abilities into super powers and Chloe Grace Moretz is clearly the most attractive girl in the bunch. I can point you to any number of articles that say attractive people are successful and I think it strains things not to show a bit more of “why” she is the outcast.

That wasn’t needed with Sissy Spacek who while amazingly talented was hardly the most attractive of the bunch. One look at her and you knew yeah, she’d be the one being picked on.

That’s not to say Chloe isn’t up for the job, she is fantastic if a little darth vader in her force choking people. It’s not really down to her or her acting, it’s more that the 2013 version feels more like a teenage power fantasy (albeit not the most wholesome) than a nightmare. I feel this movie would play well in Japan, where young people and supernatural power go hand in hand in their popular culture.

The other issue comes in the ending. In the original, it’s tragic. As much as Carrie is a victim, her fightback against her tormentors leaves its mark on those who survive. In the 2013 version there is a redemption for Carrie, she may have killed a huge number of people but she saves the one girl on her side because she’s pregnant.

It speaks to modern teenagerdom. Image is everything, power is it’s own justification and as long as you are pretty you will be redeemed.

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