Soooo gurlz be crashin, lights be flashin

The machine keeps offering her medical services and bam, who shows up? THE DOCTOR.

The doctor takes the girl (kaz) to his TARDIS. When she sees it she immediately becomes terrified and locks him in with his TARDIS. The ship crashes and both die. But of course they land on fucking Karn. SOOOOO BITCHES BE AWAKENIN DA DEAD LYK A BAU5.

One of the sisters of Karn tells the doctor he has 4 mins left and hes like “lol shuddup bitch im bored.”

She tells him of the war and how it is out of control. He is their last hope.

Him: lel nope still not gunna helpz.

They bring in Kaz and she is dead. The sister is like “lol everi1 iz goin 2 di if u don helpz”

Him: “kk lets becom a warrior.”

Him: “soz everi1 I willz avenge you kaz”

*bright flashy lights

The sister asks “Is it done?”

You see nothing but the new doctor getting items and then you see his reflection (lol its john HURT.) and a voice over says “doctor no more.”



Article Name
The Night of the Doctor
The Apocalypse give The Night of the Doctor the Thug treatment.

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