Yes I know it’s the 50th but while everyone was busy celebrating Odile and I caught up to talk Enders Game, the book that is. The movie isn’t out in Oz until the 5th of december so I thought I would review the book ahead of that outing. Despite my fears of disappointment Ender’s Game was awesome. The three siblings at the heart of the story while genetically engineered still fit for a family of three and the Buggers while largely absent from the story present an intriguing foe. Throw in politics, a fascinating school and the war to end all wars and this is an epic story, told on a scale we can grasp through the filter of a 10 year old boy. I am holding judgement on the movie but I don’t need to hold judgement on the book, it’s a must read just as I was told it was.

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Enders Game
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I am French, just started on my 4th decade and I am a teacher married to a British guy.

I love my job even though I do complain about it regularly (who doesn’t?). Why do I love my job? I think it is because I like working with kids, I like seeing their face when they realise they understand something new, I like the way I have to keep myself “updated” on all new stuff so I can keep up with them and even keep slightly ahead of them, be it with technology, music, films etc. I started teaching when I was 25 and I think I stopped growing old a couple of years later… well… I am getting older physically (obviously ) but in my mind I am still 27 ish…

Apart from teaching I do a lot of role playing games with a great group of friends. I love watching films and TV shows old and new.

I became a big fan of Firefly, discovering in the process the world of fandom and am currently involved in doing a podcast related to this fantastic tv show. Find more about it at

I have "met" Stefan a little more than a year ago now and was invited to take part in Highway to Mars a few times now... I guess Stefan liked what I had to say as he has now entrusted me with taking over a few episodes for him... I hope you will like them too!

Talking of podcast, I am also doing a school podcast with a few of my students, guiding them, teaching them to use different programs etc.

I love travelling and would do a lot more of it if we could afford it.

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