This weeks podcast is the third of the Tripods novels by John Christopher. I am joined once more by Odile from the Sending a Wave Podcast and my fellow Aussie, Liam for what was a long and very enjoyable discussion the stretched from the novel to the implication of the novel in the world we live in today. This is part 1 of the podcast, covering the topics directly relating to the book. There will be a supplementary podcast midweek covering the way the book relates to the world we live in today. 40 odd years later, there are lessons to be learned from this series of books.

Highway To Mars

Welcome to Martian Central, please take a ticket, the sheep ray will be with you shortly. Highway to Mars was created by Author Stefan Sawynok as an excuse to ramble his way through Science Fiction that he liked and to shine a light on things such as books that don't get covered all that often in fandom. Mostly covers British and American sci-fi but occasionally steps out to cover pieces from around the world. There is so much Sci-fi out there and so little time. :)

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